SPACECAST is an online liveshow which gives young artists and creatives a platform.
Through a surprising, enthusiastic and innovative program, Spacecast offers an insightful look into Enschede‚Äôs scene of creative people. It aims to broaden our community of creative people in Twente and provide them with a sense of connection to the people they’re now unable to meet due to COVID-19.

As the producer I think about our vision & mission statements, reach out to new contacts to broaden our network, write proposal grants. I manage our collaborations so that they run smooth, write regular updates to our crew. Spacecast promotion is done by me, including creating content on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram and reaching out to press within the Twente Region.

I built the website that clearly conveys our aims as Spacecast. I run the technicalities (streaming/ sound), create a program weekly, communicate clearly, keep an archive of our previous shows, but also delegate more and more to other capable people.