Panacea Festival

Panacea was a project that was important to me and many others. Together with Michiel I decided to start working this project, not only because we love a good party, but because we know the importance of them. The past year many free spaces were about to close or forced to change their ways, which negatively influenced the Enschede (sub)culture.

We decided to give a party for all those who felt lost or excluded. For everyone who could use a good time, without stress or worries!

Panacea explained

A panacea is a solution to every problem, a universal cure. To us, an amazing party every once in a while is exactly that! 🤘

🎶🎸Enjoy performances by several live bands during the day, drop your food on the BBQ in the evening and chill by the fire as later in the night the techno and psytrance will take over!

🎶💃 It’s possible to dance through the night, or chill at the campfire indefinitely as there is no strict end-time; we’re letting the party die out naturally and hope you‘ll stick around as long as you feel is nice!

We’d already like to take a moment to thank everyone who has offered to help out or make music!  If there is any way in which you think you can help out, or if you know something you think could make this day even better, let us know!

Together we’ll turn Saturday, September 22nd, into an unforgettable day!

Creating a theme that brings the right message across.

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