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Lotta Rasva – Please talk to me when you’re sad

🌎 This night, I went out to celebrate Earth Hour, (🌸The world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, which inspires millions of people to take action for our planet and nature!🌸), and it was simply a happy coincidence that Lotta Rasva was playing at the campfire, and I, coincidentally, had all my equipment available to capture the moment!

Looking forward to more of days like this!
🌲Music brings people together!

Important note: This video unintendedly marked the start of the SurroundAnnebel series


We tend to deal with our problems alone but we should know that being honest about how we feel does not make us weak; it makes us human.

I would like to thank Lotta Rasva for her amazing speech at the Earth Hour Festival Enschede! Together with the campfire, it warmed our hearts and soul. 💖🌸

Below: Lotta Rasva with: Please talk to me when you’re sad.
A one-shot, raw, and pure recording.

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